Insulate new plants and seedlings the way commercial growers do with frost cloth. Help your plants transition from the greenhouse to your garden and protect from late spring frost.
Insulate tomatoes for a strong start. A mini greenhouse for seedlings and young plants. Protect tomatoes from bad weather and pests and ensure a cold snap doesn’t kill your produce.
Planting your garden? Transition plants from the nursery with the Container Cover. Insulate container plants and protect your investment even if there’s a late frost in your area.
Organic pest protection from rabbits, grasshoppers, insects, and more. Grow organic strawberries, organic lettuce, organic tomatoes with this non-pesticide solution to common pests.
Protect hanging baskets and their root system from wind and damaging cold weather. Unique strap holds cover in place while you secure with drawstring.

Quick.   Easy.   Effective.
Because we love our plants

Extend your growing season with Frost Protek® plant covers.  Our covers are made of the same fabric that commercial growers use, while made convenient for home gardeners. Multiple models cover tomato cages, raised beds, hanging baskets, container pots, grow boxes, and more. Use them now to get your plants off to a strong start, just like a mini-greenhouse. Pull them out again in the fall to ensure your tomatoes ripen on the vine or to enjoy your flowers longer when frosty mornings arrive. They’re also a great organic solution to protect produce from pests like insects and birds.

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