Which cover should  I choose? 


All of our frost blankets are made of polypropylene, but the size, shape, and drawstring differ by item. This size chart will help you decide which frost cover is right for you.




How long should I leave my frost blanket on plants?


Frost Protek® frost covers offer exceptional protection, so you don't have to worry about your plants when temperatures start dropping. Our frost covers can be left on for days or even weeks.  Our fabric is lightweight and breathable enough that it won’t cause any harm while keeping out chilly temps - even if the cover has been on for days or weeks! Just watch out on sunny days – too much heat can “cook” delicate flora without proper ventilation - then be sure to remove these protective blankets once annuals die off in fall or perennials lose their foliage.



Can the frost covers be left on plants during the day?


Absolutely! The fabric allows air and UV light to reach the plants. One of the great benefits of this cover is that it does not need to be taken off each morning and then replaced each evening. The cover may be left on for days at a time if desired and the daytime temperature is not too hot. There is not a specific temperature which is “too hot” - just that the plant does not “cook” during a hot, sunny day. The cover may be left on during a cold spell without any harm to the plants. Remove the cover once annuals die back or perennials lose their foliage. 



Can the fabric covers protect plants during the winter?


Frost Protek® frost covers are designed to protect crops and plants during the growing season.  They're ideal whenever there is live foliage on your plants.  If you're in an area with a year-round growing season, such as Florida or California, our frost covers are an essential gardening tool to protect tender plants from periodic frost. 


In most climates, perennials do not need protection from the elements in the winter while they are dormant. Remove frost covers once foliage has died back to ensure those bare branches don't puncture or tear your covers. You can use them again next growing season once foliage starts to form.  Using them in the spring will insulate sensitive plants and young leaves from light frost and cold air.  Many of our customers use them in the spring to create a greenhouse effect.  Our row covers are ideal for early planting, and our garden bed covers offer protection to mini hoop houses .  



How do the fabric covers protect plants from wind?


Our frost covers shelter foliage and blossoms during strong wind and help prevent breakage. This is particularly helpful for hanging baskets and flowering vines, or when transporting delicate plants. The covers are not designed for use against wind in colder climates over an entire winter. However, in most climates, perennials do not need protection from the elements while they are dormant.



What is the fabric?


Our weather protection fabric is 100% polypropylene, which is the same fabric used by commercial growers for frost and pest protection. The fabric is lightweight, allowing sunlight to reach your plants without crushing them. Plus, it's breathable so your plants will receive enough air and won't suffocate.  The fabric weight is 0.9 oz. per square yard (metric 30 grams per square meter). This weight protects from 4° to 6° below freezing, or about 28° to 26° Fahrenheit (-3.0° Celsius).  Our frost protection is an ideal solution to cover plants and will offer superior protection to covers made of bed sheets or plastic.  



Can the covers be washed?


Yes. Our covers can be washed in cold water and will air dry quickly.  DO NOT dry with heat or iron covers.



How long will the covers last?


With normal use and care, our covers should last several seasons. They are lightweight and fold small to store easily with your other gardening supplies. Store out of direct sunlight or UV light to prolong the life of the fabric.



How do I secure the garden bed or row cover in place?


When wound around a plant or display, the cover may be held in place with clothes pins, safety pins, or other similar items. The cover may be fastened to itself or to the container. When used for in-ground plants, it may be held down with any type of heavy object such as a rock, brick, dirt, or landscape fabric pin in the soil. For raised beds or hoop houses, clamps work well.  



Other commonly asked questions:


Do you sell other types of plant protection?


Yes!  We sell insect netting and bird netting.  Both are organic solutions for pests and will keep your fruits and vegetables safe.  Our products make addition to your own gardening tools or as a gift for your favorite gardener.



Do you offer wholesale options? 


We sure do!  We provide wholesale and private label options and partner with nurseries and garden centers across the country.  We would be delighted to discuss placement in your store.  For more information, please send our sales team a message at sales@frostprotek.com.