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Pest Protection

Frost Protek® covers protect plants from harmful pests during the growing season. Plants and produce can be prematurely killed or damaged by pests.  Young plants are especially vulnerable.

Grow Organic

Frost Protek® covers are a great solution for those growing organic produce. The fabric covers use a drawstring closure to keep them in place and create a barrier from various pests, eliminating the need for harmful pesticides.

Leave on Indefinitely

During the time pests are a problem, the cover may be left on the plant indefinitely as needed. The cover is made of lightweight, breathable fabric that enables air and sun light to reach the plants. It's the same fabric used by commercial growers for plant protection.

protect plants from rabbits and other pestsBirds, Rabbits, Squirrels

The Frost Protek® cover keeps pests away from ripe produce such as strawberries and raspberries. As you know, these pests know just when to strike and ruin the crop you've been waiting for.  



protect plants from insects


The Frost Protek® cover helps protect plants from damage due to certain insects, such as Japanese beetles, grasshoppers, and cicadas. Insects travel through small spaces so the effectiveness of keeping out tomato worms, beetles, and others depends partly on how tight the cover is closed. Frost Protek® covers have only one opening and the drawstring closes it almost completely. 

protect plants from deer


The Frost Protek® cover protects foliage and blossoms from damage due to deer. Deer like to eat young plants and tender foliage. Even older plants can be permanently damaged or killed by deer.