Pest Protection

Organic Protection

Row Cover cover is 10 feet by 5 feet

Natural pest control!  Frost Protek® plant covers protect plants from harmful pests during the growing season. Plants and produce can be prematurely killed or damaged by pests.  Young plants are especially vulnerable.

Frost Protek® covers are an especially effective solution for those growing organic produce. The fabric covers use a drawstring closure to keep them in place and create a barrier from various pests, eliminating the need for harmful pesticides.

Leave on Indefinitely

Struggling with pests in your garden? Our lightweight and breathable plant covers can be left on indefinitely.  They provide the perfect solution - they keep pesky insects away while still allowing air and sun to reach your plants. Our fabric the same thing commercial growers use for maximum protection, plus we also sell insect netting or bird netting if you need extra prevention from potential problems.


protect plants from rabbits and other pestsBirds, Rabbits, Squirrels

Protect your hard-earned harvest! Don't let pests ruin the ripe strawberries and raspberries you've watched grow all season. Be vigilant, as these critters know exactly when to strike for maximum damage.



protect plants from insects


Don't let your plants become an all-you-can eat buffet for pesky insects! Shield them from Japanese beetles, grasshoppers, and cicadas with Frost Protek® covers. Even small space intruders like tomato worms won’t stand a chance since this cover easily closes tightly with just one drawstring pull. Keep those critters at bay - protect your garden today!




protect plants from deer



Do deer eat tomatoes?  Do deer eat mums?  You bet they do!  Deer may be cute from a distance but can cause serious damage to your plants. They love snacking on young and tender foliage, so protect your precious blossoms before it's too late! Even mature greenery isn't safe, as deer have been known to permanently harm or even kill strong shrubs and trees.