When to Use Frost Cloth

Early Season

Remember that frost frequently occurs AFTER the "last AVERAGE frost date".

get a strong gardening start for garden beds and container plantsUse Frost Protek® covers once plants start to bud or when seedlings and annuals come home from the nursery. The cover gets plants off to a good start by creating a mini-greenhouse effect. 

In addition, be prepared for bad weather. Spring weather can be unpredictable and you never know when a cold spell or storm may come along and damage new plants.

  • use as a mini-greenhouse over young plants and seedlings to get an early start
  • protect from spring frost, cold nights, wind and rain storms
  • protect from pests (they especially like young, tender foliage!)

Middle Season

Use covers to keep plants from being damaged by pests and unseasonable weather.

  • protect from damaging weather such as a cold spell, wind and rain storms
  • protect from damaging pests such as beetles, grasshoppers, birds, rabbits, and others

Late Season

Enjoy fully grown decorative plantings as long as possible — you nurtured them all season so you could.

Enjoy the tomatoes and other produce you anticipated all season. Help them ripen on the vine as long as possible — don't let a cold spell kill plants or produce prematurely. And, especially, make sure YOU get to enjoy the fruits of your labor, not birds, deer, or insects! 

  • keep plants alive when early frost and other damaging weather occurs 
  • protect from pests such as beetles, grasshoppers, birds, rabbits, and others

Store Covers After Use 

When annuals die back due to a hard freeze or perennials lose their foliage, be sure to remove your covers and store them until the next growing season.

Covers left on plants are susceptible to being punctured or torn, making them less effective for the next growing season. Store them away from the sun or other direct UV light to prolong the life of the fabric. 

The cover may be washed in cold water. It air dries quickly, do not dry it with heat. Do not iron the cover.