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Introducing Our Frost Protek® Tall Frost Cover: The Ultimate Protection for Your Tall Plants and Garden Systems

Our Tall Frost Cover is actually a tall frost bag and is specially designed to protect patio trees, citrus trees, grow box systems, large tomatoes, and any tall plant or display rack. It's also the perfect frost cover for balcony gardens and tower hydroponic systems. With a height of 6 feet and a convenient double-pull drawstring with cord locks, you can easily drape the frost cover over your plant and secure it in place.  Cinching it tight keeps out the cold and any hungry pests.  


Versatile Use Throughout the Gardening Season:

  • Early season: Great for hardening off plants!  Transition plants from the greenhouse to the yard for a strong and healthy start
  • Mid-season: Don't use pesticides?  Neither do we!  Protect your plants from wind and storms, and use as an organic solution to avoid harmful pests.  Also a great way to protect spring flowers on small trees during frost or wind.  
  • Late season: Extend your growing season, maximize your garden's yield.


Frost Protek® Tall Frost Cover - Key Features:

  • Insulates plants from light frost and cool weather, protecting them 4°F to 6°F below freezing (to about 26°F or -3°C)
  • Lightweight and breathable frost cover allows air and UV light to reach plants
  • Can be left on plants during cold spells



  • Height: 6 feet bag [1.8 meters]
  • Double-pull drawstring with cord locks
  • Made from 100% non-woven polypropylene fabric frost cloth
  • Washable in cold water
  • Bags air-dry quickly; do not use dryer
  • Reusable for multiple seasons
  • Provides protection down to about 26 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Comes in a sage green color


Ideal for Various Plant Types and Garden Systems:

  • Extra large tomato plants
  • Grow box systems, with or without staking support
  • Baker's rack or potting bench
  • Patio trees and young fruit trees
  • Citrus trees up to 6 feet tall
  • Shrubs
  • Tall plants on balcony
  • Vertical gardens
  • Tower hydroponic systems


Care and Storage Instructions:

After the growing season, remove frost covers from plants once annuals succumb to a hard freeze or perennials lose their foliage and enter dormancy. Store frost covers away from direct sunlight or other UV light sources to prolong the life of the fabric. Gently clean any dirt or debris from the frost cover using a soft brush or cloth, and wash in cold water if necessary. Air-dry completely before folding and storing in a cool, dry place. Check for any damage or wear before reusing the following season.

Protect your tall plants and garden systems with our Frost Protek® Tall Frost Covers. Order yours today and enjoy a more fruitful and extended growing season!

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tomatoe plant covers

Written by James Glenn on 25th Jun 2020

Nice product and draw strings work well so far.....materials is not as tough as I would have hoped....it tears pretty easy, so they have to be handled very carefully....over all pleased Margaret and so appreciate your kind attention to our shipping problem

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