Weather Protection

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Garden Bed cover is 15 feet by 10 feet

When temperatures drop and frost threatens your garden, turn to Frost Protek® for weather protection. Our frost cloth is made with the same fabric used by commercial growers for plant protection.  Our covers provide superior defense against chillier weather than makeshift items like sheets and blankets  – and they reduce the risk of smothering or crushing flowers and foliage.  Drawstring closures keep them secure around plants to keep the chill out! 



When the weather turns unpleasant, no need to worry about protecting your garden and the season's hard work. With a Frost Protek® cover, you can provide them with all-day protection without sacrificing light and air. This lightweight and breathable fabric allows sunlight to get through while giving adequate coverage from harsh elements like snow - so give your plans some extra TLC and you'll have peace of mind knowing they're safe.



Frost Protek® covers provide insulation up to 4°F-6°F below freezing, perfect for keeping delicate container plantings and hanging baskets safe from frost. Like a frost blanket!  We have several resources in our Blog.  Check out our article on Frost for more information: About Frost



Heavy rain and strong wind can be damaging to your plants, especially potted varieties. A potted plant with too much water will surely get wet feet.  Frost Protek® covers are the perfect way to keep them safe from harsh weather conditions - giving you peace of mind that blooms will stay in tact no matter what Mother Nature throws at us! Our frost solutions even come in handy when transporting delicate foliage across longer distances, so you can count on a beautiful arrival wherever it goes!  Have you ever bought a tree but wondered how to transport it home safely?  Check out our Garden Bed Cover.  It's a great solution.  



When the growing season comes to an end and your annuals or perennials go into dormancy, it's time to remove coverings and get them properly stored away. For best results, be sure that they're protected from UV light so as not to reduce their lifespan; this will ensure many seasons of protection!