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Introducing our Premium Bird Netting. Our bird net bags the perfect organic solution to safeguard your plants from birds and other wildlife. This versatile netting is ideal for blueberry bushes, balcony gardens, and container gardens. The 6-foot-tall bag features a drawstring opening to keep the net securely in place, providing great protection for your plants.


Ideal For:

  • Strawberry, blueberry, and other berry plants
  • Fruit protection for small fruit trees
  • Grow box systems and containers with or without staking support
  • Garden bird netting solution to protect garden crops


Product Details:

  • Height: 72 inches (6 feet) [1.82 meters]
  • Drawstring Opening: 134 inches around (11 feet) [3.35 meters]
  • Double-pull drawstring with cord locks
  • Care: Washable in cold water, air dry (do not use heat)
  • Durability: Can be used season after season
  • Organic Pest Control: An excellent eco-friendly alternative for pest management


Storing Your Netting:

At the end of the growing season, remove your netting and store it for future use. Keep the netting away from direct sunlight or UV light exposure to extend its lifespan.

Protect your plants with our Premium Bird Netting and enjoy a flourishing, wildlife-free garden all season long.


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