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Introducing the Container Plant Frost Cover – an all-season solution for safeguarding your container garden plants. This versatile frost cover is designed to accommodate individual pots, grouped container arrangements, window boxes, and small shrubs, ensuring they remain protected from the elements throughout the growing season.


Easily secure the frost cover over your plants using the double-pull drawstrings with cord locks. This hassle-free setup makes it perfect for early-season use, hardening off plants and transitioning them from the greenhouse to your containers, and providing a strong, healthy start.


During mid-season, this frost cover serves as an organic solution for shielding your plants from harsh wind, storms, and pests. As the season progresses, extend the growing period and continue enjoying your beautiful container garden by protecting it against light frost and cool temperatures.


Frost Protek® frost covers insulate plants from light frost and cool weather, offering protection 4°F to 6°F below freezing (down to approximately 26°F or -3°C). The lightweight, breathable frost fabric allows air and UV light to reach your plants and can be left on during cold spells. It also provides excellent wind protection for your potted plants.


Product Details:

  • Bell shape design specifically for container pots and container gardens
  • Dimensions: Height 3½ feet [1 meter], Drawstring opening 4½ feet wide (9 feet circumference) [1.4 meters wide (2.7 meters circumference)]
  • Double-pull drawstring with cord locks for easy securing; cinches tight to keep out cold and pests
  • 100% non-woven polypropylene fabric frost cloth
  • Machine washable in cold water, air dry quickly (do not put in dryer)
  • Reusable for multiple seasons
  • Provides frost protection down to about 26 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Attractive sage green color


Ideal For:

  • Container pots
  • Groupings of container pots
  • Window boxes
  • Small shrubs
  • Protection against strong wind and rain



At the end of the growing season, once annuals have died from a hard freeze or perennials have entered dormancy, simply remove the frost covers and store them for future use. To extend the life of the fabric, store frost covers away from direct sunlight and UV exposure. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with providing your container garden with the protection it needs to thrive all season long.


Fall mums:


Reviews (2)

Frost Plant Cover

Written by Bill on 9th May 2020

Works as expected, lasted one winter, UV and weather causes it to fray by springtime. It did protect smallOlive trees, Bay Leaf and Rosemary here in coastal NJ.


Written by Melvin Taylor on 11th Feb 2017

after about 3 years my cover got dry and easy to tear. I chose the brown one but maybe the white one is better.

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