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Heirloom, Hothouse, and More - Hooray!

art-heirloom-2.jpgMillions of Americans are eager to bite into their first tomato of the season – the ultimate reward for weeks of nurturing. Too many are also biting their nails with worry that insects, early frost, or worms will beat them to the harvest. Worry no more. Frost Protek™ plant covers are the quick, chemical-free solution to insulate and protect tomatoes with or without cages, hanging tomatoes, and grow box systems.

Because FrostProtek™ covers are made with a plant-friendly, breathable fabric, the covers can provide 24 hour protection in the final days as tomatoes fully ripen on the vine. This is when the fruit is especially prone to certain pests. And if the weather report calls for a chance of frost, simply place the covers on the plants for up to two weeks.

In the spring, gardeners can get a jump-start on their tomatoes using the Frost Protek™ covers to insulate seedlings and young plants. Not only will this prevent loss due to a late spring frost, but protection during cool nights will encourage stronger growth and allow you to be the first to sample the fruit of your labor!

For tomatoes and cages up to 4 feet tall and hanging tomatoes, the Tomato cover is the ideal size and design. For even larger tomato plants, the Tall cover will cover plants up to 6 feet tall and 4 feet in diameter.