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From Nursery to Backyard Beauty

Even hardy plant varieties can be shocked by the move from a warm greenhouse to your patio or bedding garden.

transition plants from the greenhouseEase the transition by providing a greenhouse environment without the cost of a traditional home greenhouse.

Frost Protek™ has engineered a full line of plant covers to insulate your container pots, grow box systems, planting beds and more so your new plants thrive without missing a beat.

Gardeners know that greenhouse insulation provides the best possible growing environment for young plants. In most cases, bringing plants home means a dramatic change to the plant’s environment. Even mild shock can temporarily stunt a plant’s growth, which is the last thing any gardener wants.

protect young plantsTransition your plants to a temporary greenhouse at home using Frost Protek™ plant covers. The cover creates an insulated environment in the early days and weeks as your plants adjust to your patio or yard.

The covers are especially helpful if plants will be exposed to cool nights in early spring. They’re made from the same fabric that commercial growers use to insulate their plants.

Most models are equipped with a drawstring which secures the cover in place. Covers fit your container pots, hanging baskets, planting beds, grow box systems, and in-ground plantings.

Once your plants are established, the covers store easily for re-use when the cool weather returns or until next season when you return home with a car full of plants from your local nursery.