Customer Reviews

Several hundred garden club members across the United States and Canada tested Frost Protek® Plant Covers. They put Frost Protek® to the test through harsh weather conditions and gave us a fantastic 98% approval rating.


"This could not have come at a better time. Where we live it is a challenge every year to get a head start on the garden. The day this cover came we were expecting a frost so we used the cover and never lost a plant. I am in the process of ordering additional covers."       

Linda, Lexington, MI

"This is a very simple, easy to use product.  I would recommend it to all serious gardeners.  It is quite a time saver."       

Linda, Jamestown, NY

"The very day that I received the Frost Protek plant cover, my zone 4 area had an overnight cold snap.  I covered my fuschia hanging basket and the Frost Protek did its job - whalah - my flowers were just fine!  There was frost everywhere except under the Frost Protek!"

Dorie, Mauston, WI

"When a hailstorm hit my area, I was able to quickly cover a patio container filled with annuals and perennials.  The pot next to it was not covered and most of the flowers were lost.  I did break a few blooms off in my rush to get out of the hail, but this cover was responsible for the plants' survival."

Lisa, Elbert, CO

"The frost cover worked great on my potted plants!  We live near the lake so we get about 10° colder at night.  With the frost cover I was able to keep my plants outside at night instead of taking them in and out every day!  Thank you."

Deborah, Rochester, NY

"This was such a handy item to have after our early warm spring and then a surprising cold snap.  I had placed a large tropical plant outside prematurely and it saved the plant and my back from having to carry it back inside and then out again."

Brook, Minneapolis, MN

"It is much easier to use than blankets and pieces of plastic I use to cover plants.  I do not have to remove it the  next morning."       

Jan, Minneapolis, MN

"It was easy to cover and protect the hanging begonia plant because it has such a large opening and I could hang  it by the strap and then ease the bag over the hanging pot."       

Elizabeth, Briarcliff Manor, NY

"This product was a lifesaver...when violent flooding rains and hail kept assaulting my young, newly potted plants;  it works nicely as rain gear."

Karin, Swampscott, MA

"The Frost Protek plant cover was so simple to use! ... I opened the bag, took the cover outside to my large planter and within 30 seconds had finished.  The drawstring is great!"

Kelley, Kalamazoo, MI

"This could not have come at a better time.  Where we live it is a challenge every year to get a head start on the garden.  The day this cover came we were expecting a frost so we used the cover and never lost a plant.  I am in the process of ordering additional covers."   

Linda, Lexington, MI

"I found your product easy to use and would recommend it.  I had just planted a container garden of kitchen herbs and then had a light frost.  I used the cover and had no damage to the fragile plants.  I intend to get more of these for my hanging baskets and tomato plants.  I also think it would help deter squirrels!"

 Mary, Norwood, PA

"I recommend the product because of its durability and frost protection."

Anna, Uniondale, NY

"We had a very late frost that came on June 10th and I used the plant cover to cover a pot of flowers that I had planted.  The flowers survived, but many other plants in my yard did not."

Debbie, Marion Center, PA

"The plants we used the Frost Protek plant cover on did a lot better than those we did not use the plant cover for. "

Susan, Collins, NY

"It was easy to put on, easy to store, and protected my plants from frost."

Edward, Syracuse, NY

"I feel this Frost Protek plant cover works for light frost and also for covering blueberry bushes to keep the birds off the bush until I pick the berries."

Jane, Poultney, VT

"Easy to use.  Kept birds from berries."

 Lora, Madison, IN

"This is a great product for hanging baskets or pots when there is a threat of frost.  I was amazed at how well it protected my plants."     

Sherry, Churubusco IN

"This product is very easy to use and very handy to have "on hand" when you get the news that a frost is coming through."

Barbara, Jim Thorpe, PA

"Great product for protecting against frost.  Also great for transplanting new plants and protecting them from the harsh sun for a bit."

Valerie, Orange City, IA

"Will definitely tell my neighbors about this product.  Will emphasize ease of use, convenience of storage (does not take up much space), reusable."

Joan, New Berlin, WI

"Works easily.  Can place several potted flowers in Large round size to protect against frost.  Also don't have to worry about removing right away next morning."

Cindy, Carrollton, OH

"We had a very cold, wet, windy April in New England.  I took the opportunity to use the plant cover to put out tomatoes in containers in early April instead of May.  The Medium round covered 4 containers clustered together.  Some days the cover  stayed on all day instead of just at night.  The material held up well thru wind and rain.  The drawstring held it on tight and the  tomatoes are good and healthy - hope for an early crop this year."

 Susan, Rehoboth, MA

"We had a frost after a warm trend and it did keep plants from freezing."

John, Acushnet, MA

"Very quick and simple to put on and take off of plants/planters - much easier to use for small  applications than rolled floating row cover."

Ted, Evansville, Ontario

"I have been very satisfied with my Frost Protek plant covers.  I will be buying more to use in my garden."

 Jane, St. Cloud, MN

"Loved this product.  It worked well when I used it for covering my potted plants, garden plants, and bushes.  I  used it for frost protection and also to protect some shrubs while spraying our yard.  This product protected a shrub I purchased at my parents and  drove 430 miles home and there was minimal flower loss.  Worked great for any use I had.  My children even covered their legs with it to keep  bugs off of them.  I loved using this product on many things and in many different ways." 


"It was really easy to use.  We had a late frost and I was able to protect my large flower basket.  I like that  they offer different sizes in covers.  Next year, I'm going to cover a lilac bush with it and see what happens because we lose the flowers  every year due to frost."

Jamie, Parker, CO

"This was great for a barrel.  Worked well twice when it went to 23° and 28°.  Used it over 3 plants once.   It is a lot easier than blankets."

Lawrence, Warren, PA

"I used this to protect my bleeding heart from late spring frost.  It worked well and did not damage the plant."

M, Muscoda, WI

"Today, May 11, we had winds and rain (50 mph).  I covered my newly planted dahlias and geraniums with the cover  and my plants were not broken or snapped off.  It worked!" 

Nancy, Brookfield, WI

"This product arrived just in time to protect my newly planted patio container from a sudden low overnight  temperature.  My flowering plants were protected without having to drag the heavy container indoors for the night.  The cover was so  lightweight and easy to adjust with the strings on each side that I had the flowers protected in 2 minutes, no kidding."

Heather, Ashburnham, MA

"Perfect for Indiana springs.  One day it is 70° and sunny and the next we have a frost and cold/cloudy day.   Can put covers on quickly and easily."

Jeannie, Delphi, IN

"I would recommend my family and friends who live in my area to use this product because of the change in  weather from hot to cold day by day.  It also stopped deer from eating new leaves at night."

 Vivian, Mays Landing, NJ

"Easy to use and works."

Jean, Titusville, PA

"I would highly recommend it!" 

Mary, Rensselaer, NY

"Excellent protection for container tomato plants against deer, rabbits, and squirrels.  Easy to put on a container."

Connie, Strongsville, OH

"We had some plants that needed to be transplanted outside but we could still get frost or snow.  We used the  Frost Protek covers and the plants did fine even with the frost and a little snow we received.  I will definitely continue to use this product."

Christy, Thornton, CO

"Product is easy to use.  Drawstring holds it in place even in strong wind.  Protects from frost very well.   Product is durable and easy to store and reuse."

Shawn, Boonville, NY

"Great size for use on more than one pot.  Worked well when we had several frosts mid-spring.  Fits nicely  on whiskey barrel.  I used it on 3 12" pots put together in a group and worked very effectively on 29° nights x3."

Ricki, Marshalltown, IA

"I like its ease of use.  It looks better than an old sheet to protect from frost.  I like that it is breathable  and you can use it to condition plants before planting outdoors."

Dan, Sandwich, IL

"These covers are wonderful!  Reusable and well made."

Glory, Hudson, WI

"Recommend it. Used it twice in the last 2 weeks.  We had frost and they protected my plants beautifully."

Jane, Akron, OH

"The Frost Protek plant cover protected my hanging fuschia very well against frost.  With the Frost Protek, I could  leave my plant out at night instead of having to bring it in.  It was easy to use and very durable."

Steve, Waldo, ME

"This was so easy to use.  It was quick to put on and quick to take off. A real time saver."

Roseanne, Allegany, NY

"It is very versatile!  I used it for covering tomato plants against frost.  I put tomato cages over plants; covered cages  with Frost Protek cover and was great to have drawstring to tighten cover around cages so it would not blow off.  Made out of good material  - lightweight yet protective."

Esther, Mansfield, OH

"Easy to use.  Nice large coverage area.  Could even use to cover 2 large pots put side by side.  Great!"

Janette, Kent, CT

"This was one of the best products I have tested.  What a great idea.  It was much more suited to the job than a  sheet and it worked great.  I like that it is so lightweight and reusable."

Deborah, Tiffin, OH

"The main reasons I would recommend this product are the clarity of instructions, ease of use, also that it really does  work.  The best feature is protection against frost."

Suzanne, Shrewsbury, MA

"I put the cover on my dwarf cherry tree that was in full bloom and the next morning there was some frost on the  cover but the blooms were not harmed.  I plan on buying some of the larger covers for other trees."

 Sue, Canon City, CO

"I absolutely loved this product! It was so easy to use!  Instead of moving all my pots indoors (because of  frost) I just covered them with the Frost Protek plant covers and it was so easy.  My plants were perfectly fine."

Aimee, Portage, MI

"The frost cover bag was so easy to use.  I had a large hanging basket that would have been damaged by frost,  but I was able to easily cover it with the bag to protect it.  I liked the fact that I could leave the plant where it was hanging and did  not have to move it.  Great product; would definitely recommend."

Virginia, North Huntingdon, PA

"I felt the frost covers were a great idea!  I loved the drawstring at the bottom and the size was even larger  than I imagined.  I liked the color as well.  It definitely blends in better than my old bed sheets I've used!"

 Kim, Cabot, PA

"Easy to use.  Does great job."

Ingrid, Alden, NY

"This is an excellent plant cover - it allows air and light to get through but doesn't allow bugs, especially  Japanese beetles, to get through to the plants.  The color is neutral but, unfortunately, inhibits the beauty of the plants and flowers to show  through.  I would rather have my plants safe from those pesky bugs than have them obliterated by those same bugs.  This is a wonderful  enhancement to keep my garden plans safe."


"Easy to use.  Great that the plants can breathe and you don't have to remove it every day if frost is  forecast for more than 1 night."

 Cheryl, Fond du Lac, WI

"This is a great product.  I have used old sheets, blankets, etc. in the past to cover plants when there was a  danger of frost.  They either blew off or crushed the plants.  These plant covers are lightweight and breathable so they can be left on  as long as necessary."  

Larry, Cedar Falls, IA

"Great product.  Better than using bedsheets because it is really lightweight.  Works very well."

Yuhwen, Brighton, CO

"Handy to slip on and the drawstring is great."

 Irene, Haslett, MI

"I recommend the Frost Protek plant cover.  It is big and has enough room for a large hanging basket.  It also  lets the plant get air.  I used it to move a hanging basket in the back of a pickup truck and it kept it from getting damaged by the wind."

Kelly, Lanesville, IN

"I found it great to have for the nights that frost was predicted after I had planted all my pots.  It was  much easier than carrying the biggest pot back inside."       

Mildred, Pel Rapids, MN

"In my gardening years I have found a great need for products to guard plants and flowers from freezing.  I  appreciate the bag idea with the drawstring, therefore protecting the hanging plants or large potted plants.  The bags help to keep the  Frost Protek plant covers in place should a wind come up.  I like the lightweight, durable material.  Blankets I have used in the past are  too heavy for new plants.  I appreciate the possibility to save the bags and use them again for several years."       


"The cover was so easy to use and put on.  It really did its job!  I felt better about leaving my basket  outside on those colder nights we had."      

 Gail, Demotte, IN

"This product worked very well protecting hanging baskets from frost.  The fabric is lightweight enough that it  does not crush the flowers and yet durable enough to not be disturbed by high winds.  Loved the drawstring - easy to cover full basket and  yet could draw it up so it wouldn't blow away."   

Elaine, Hollsopple, PA

"I loved this product.  It was easy to put on and take off.  And it protected my plants very well."       

Justin, Red Granite, WI

"I used the Medium frost cover to protect my geraniums from frost in April and was able to keep them outside a month  earlier than normal.  The cover was so simple to use and was actually big enough to protect 2 12" pots.  I plan to buy more of these so I  won't have to carry my pots into the garage on frost warning nights."     

  Marcia, Birmingham, MI

"Simple design yet very functional.  I would recommend this product.  I was pleased with this product."      

 Diane, Monmouth, ME

"The Frost Protek plant cover allowed me to put my large asparagus fern out earlier than I would normally, and  didn't have to keep bringing it back in when there was a chance of frost."       

Angeline, Holland Patent, NY

"Very versatile product good for barrels, hanging baskets, and good for protecting many small pots when put  together.  Used it once to stop birdbath from freezing."      

 Anthony, St. Catharines, Ontario

"I was using old bed sheets - this product is so easy to use.  Covered my blueberry bush a lot better than the  sheets to allow flowers and fruit growth.  Very easy to use."       

William, Pipersville, PA

"Works well to prevent frost damage."      

 Leslie, Milford, NY

"I used them to cover my tomato plants.  The plants made it thru 2 frosts with no damage.  The third time was a hard freeze that killed the vines, but Frost Protek saved the tomatoes from freezing."       

Denver, CO