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Can We Plant Yet?

seedlingtray.pngSpring has arrived and with it, the joy of planting! Many gardeners in northern climates have already started their seeds indoors and are waiting for slightly warmer temperatures to acclimate their new plants to the outdoors.

When the time arrives (based on your region’s hardiness zone) to put tender seedlings outside, be prepared to help them withstand any remaining cold weather.

protect seedlings and young plantsFrost Protek™ plant covers provide an ideal and inexpensive greenhouse for your seedlings. The covers easily protect seedlings while they are in trays, and some models even provide a drawstring enclosure to trap in heat.

Once seedlings are planted into containers, use the Medium or Large cover. For seedlings planted in the ground, the Garden Bed cover will provide a cover of warmth.

Once warm weather is in full swing, the covers store easily until cool weather returns. They can be used to extend the season for those plants you nurtured from seedlings so you can enjoy them to their fullest. 

The covers are made from the same plant-friendly, breathable fabric used by commercial growers and provide frost protection to about 26° F.