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Whose Berries? Man vs. Bird

You enjoy watching birds in your garden, until you see them eating your berries. Win the battle with Frost Protek™ plant covers. The same fabric used by commercial growers has been made into clever covers available to the home gardener. Great for birds, insects, and more, the covers are an ideal organic solution to pest problems. Covers quickly secure around shrubs, strawberry plants or containers.

With the fabric cover, the plants can breathe, and the birds won’t get caught and harmed as they can with typical netting. Use the covers on all your berry plants — strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries.

Strawberry Tip

art-berries-3.jpgIn addition to covering the plants to protect them from birds, place the Frost Protek™ Row Cover on the ground under the strawberries to keep the berries pristine (commercial strawberry growers do this!) The fabric keeps the worms and insects in the soil from marking the berries and also keeps the berries cleaner.

More Information

Learn more about controlling birds in the berry patch at the National Gardening Association.