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Those Gorgeous Hanging Baskets!

protect hanging basketsWho can resist that lush hanging basket at the local greenhouse, even if there’s still a nip in the nighttime air? There’s no cause for concern with the Frost Protek™ Hanging Basket cover.

There's no better way to welcome spring to your front door than with a hanging basket overflowing with bright annuals.

It can be a test of patience to wait until the last spring frost to bring one home. Or a test of time and energy to continually move it indoors on cool nights.

easily protect hanging basketsThe Frost Protek™ cover insulates your hanging basket overnight so you don't need to move it indoors. If you forget to remove the cover in the morning or don’t have time before heading to work, you can leave the cover on during the day. The polypropylene fabric is breathable and won’t suffocate your plants.

The cover is also useful to protect your hanging basket from wind and driving rain. How many times have you witnessed a gust of wind leave a trail of petals below your hanging basket?

The Frost Protek™ Hanging Basket cover's drawstring design makes it a cinch to cover your baskets, even after the late night weather report. It’s the same fabric used by commercial growers, protecting to approximately 26°F.

First, attach the hanging strap to the basket’s hook. Then both hands are free to place the cover around the basket and cinch the drawstrings at the top. With 4 feet of length, the cover won’t damage any of those draped tendrils.

easy drawstring closureWhen cool weather returns in the fall, extend the life of your hanging basket with the cover once again. You’ll get maximum enjoyment from the basket you’ve showcased all season.

The covers are re-usable, so just pack them away until the next growing season – we know you’ll be itching to buy another eye-catching hanging basket.