A Colorado Company

A woman with a love of gardening, a penchant for business, and an eye for great ideas is the thriving force behind the Frost Protek® line of protective plant covers.

As a gardener, company founder Margaret had struggled many times to protect her flowers and vegetables from the year-round vagaries of Colorado weather. She was discouraged by the heaviness of blankets, the inability of sheets and drop cloths to stay put, the lack of a handy solution for containers, and the messiness of the whole ordeal.

She hit upon the idea of making a cover out of the same fabric commercial growers use as row covers along with a drawstring to make it easy to use – and then quickly realized the many benefits. It’d be lightweight and convenient, and because the fabric is breathable, it wouldn’t have to be moved on and off the plants each day. Margaret decided to build a business centered around her gardening hobby.

For gardeners who struggle with how best to protect their plants from frost, drying winds, pests, and more, the Frost Protek™ plant cover makes it easy – even on a dark, chilly evening when the frost warning has just come in.